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SEAT ends year with ‘record’ sale of over 517k vehicles

Sales from 2018 grew by some 10.5% compared to the year before


08 January 2019 02:03 PM


ACN | Barcelona

SEAT just ended a positive year indeed with vehicle sales hit a “record” number of 517,600, according to a statement.

In 2018, the automobile manufacturer sold some 10.5% more than the year prior, surpassing the last record figure from 2000 (when it sold 514,800 cars). The Catalan company is the biggest contributing firm to the country’s GDP.

A steady increase

Last year’s result is the best in all of SEAT’s 68 years, and it also shows the sixth consecutive year of increase, and since 2012, the company’s sales have grown by over 60%.

Even with the annual increase, the numbers from December alone are lower than that of the same month in 2017, showing a decrease of 23.1%.

The most sought-after model seems to be the SEAT Léon, with 158,300 vehicles (which however fell some 6.8% compared to last year), followed by the Ibiza, the Arona, and the Ateca. 


  • The SEAT Tarraco model on September 18 2018 (by Roger Segura)

  • The SEAT Tarraco model on September 18 2018 (by Roger Segura)