Fira de Barcelona to organise fairs in countries around the world

Fira de Barcelona has just approved a new strategic plan for the next four years. The plan foresees increasing the turnover rate by around 50% and includes taking the Fira de Barcelona brand name to countries around the world.

CNA / Josep Molina

December 16, 2010 10:20 PM

Barcelona (ACN).- The Fira de Barcelona board of directors, chaired by Barcelona mayor Jordi Hereu, approved the accounts for 2010 as well as a new strategic plan for the next four years. According to the general director Agustín Cordón, despite the crisis, the 2010 Fira de Barcelona took in around 101 million euros, 5% less than in 2009. Cordón presented a new strategic plan to increase revenue for Fira de Barcelona in the next four years. The plan includes expanding to new markets in emerging countries such as Morocco, China and Latin American countries.

According to Hereu, Fira de Barcelona had the necessary “strength, courage and innovation” in 2010 to make it the only fair in Spain that maintained all of its 57 programmed fairs and conferences.

101 million euro turnover for 2010

Agustín Cordón, the general director of Fira de Barcelona, said that the predicted turnover for 2010 is 101 million euros, 5% less than in 2009. He added that there were less fairs in 2010, as they did not celebrate as many bi-annually fairs as they did in 2009. The Ebitda (Earnings Before Depreciation, Interest, Taxes and Amortization) for 2010 was around 11 million euros. As far as 2011, Cordón said that Fira could generate up to 111 million euros.

New strategic plan

A new plan has been approved for the next four years. According to Cordón, it centres on increasing turnover by 50 to 60% in the next four years. The director stated that the decision was made during a time of economic uncertainty and is therefore a “prudent” provision that may be easily surmountable if the economy turns.

Cordón explained that the first phase of the new strategic plan includes improving technological support at fairs to facilitate the relationship between visitors and exhibitors. The second phase would be to increase innovation and get new fairs, in line with what it has already been done. The third phase of the plan is to internationalise Fira de Barcelona. Cordón explained that internationalisation could bring in a 30% turnover rate within the next five years. It currently brings in 12%.

Fairs all over the world

The most important markets for internationalisation will be emerging markets such as Latin America, Morocco and China, among others. Fira de Barcelona would organise fairs in collaboration with local operators under the Fira de Barcelona brand name. They could also collaborate with fairs that are looking for support from a big brand.