Catalan Minister of Economy dismayed at the lack of an energy model in Spain

Antoni Castells considers that the minimum social conditions necessary for consensus do not exist, as the energy model is often used as a political weapon. In the last 5 years there have been large controversies around mergers within the Spanish energy se

Sergio Uceda

July 1, 2010 05:25 AM

Barcelona (CNA).- The Catalan Minister for Economy, Antoni Castells, has showed his disappointment at the lack of a common energy model within the Spanish State. According to Castells, when the question is raised, the energy issue is too often used as a weapon when defining different political positions.
These comments were made at the presentation of the ‘Deba-T Energia’, a platform for discussion about energy resources promoted by the Catalan Employers Organization, the Foment del Treball Nacional. Castells stated that, when choosing a model, “courage and determination” are needed to make an effective decision. However, this is simply not possible at the moment because the minimum social conditions needed for consensus do not exist. Castells was indirectly referring, among other issues, to the wide controversy that the attempt by Catalan company Gas Natural to buy Spanish energy giant Endesa caused 4 years ago.

Following up Castells' words, professor of Energy Resources at the University of Barcelona underlined the importance of balancing efficiency, economic progress and respect for the environment in an energy model for the developed world.

‘Debat-T Energia’ is a platform composed of institutions and companies related to the energy sector. This platform has the purpose of sharing and developing knowledge about energy issues at a business level. In addition, the platform is also looking to offering society greater levels of information and diverging point of view about energy in order to discuss a new model.