Barcelona Airport expands its cargo terminal’s area by 10 hectares

Goods transportation is increasing at Barcelona Airport since it experienced a drop in 2009 due to the global economic crisis. Two companies have already announced that they will establish their services in the area. Barcelona Airport transported 104,280 tonnes of goods in 2010.

CNA / Bertran Cazorla

March 28, 2011 04:49 PM

El Prat del Llobregat (ACN). - Barcelona El Prat Airport is undergoing a gradual expansion of its cargo terminal and service area. This is a key project to make Barcelona Airport a continental hub, not only for passenger transportation but also for goods. The expansion offers new industrial and business space next to the airport, between the former Terminal 2 and the new Terminal 1. The plan is to create a dynamic and well connected airport city, which can offer a range of services and transport connections to passengers, businesses and goods handlers in Europe and also other continents . The ten new hectares of industrial and business land correspond to the third phase of the project, and represent an investment of 11.3 million euros made by the Spanish Airport Public Authority (AENA). The second phase still has space on offer yet unfilled by businesses, however demand is high and therefore the prospects are looking positive for it filled.

104,000 new square metres are being offered next to Barcelona Airport’s cargo terminal. Two companies have already announced that they will establish their services in this new space: logistics company Transports AZKAR and the handling company Flightcare. With these two companies, there are now 120 logistic companies operating at Barcelona El Prat Airport. In addition, with this new space there are already 471,000 square metres of industrial and business land. Since 1998, AENA has invested 46.5 million euros to create this space, with special focus being put on logistics and the air transportation of goods. 11.3 million euros corresponds to this third phase.

Goods transportation increased in 2010 by 16.1% from 2009 levels

Goods transportation is recovering after the serious drop experienced in 2009, which saw it plummet to 2003 levels. In 2010, goods transportation by air going through Barcelona Airport increased significantly, reaching 2007 levels. 104,280 tonnes of goods were transported, which represents 16.1% more than in 2009. It is expected that in 2011, the 2008 levels will not only be reached but surpassed. In fact, in the first 2 months of 2011, already 1.2% more goods have been transported compared to the same two months in 2010. The Spanish Deputy Minister for Transport, Isaías Táboas, is confident that this data confirms the recovery of the air transportation of goods. In addition, Táboas added that a recovery of this sector represents an indication of the recovery of the entire economy.