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Adapting to change: BizBarcelona entrepreneur fair kicks off

Event dedicated to entrepreneurship, small and medium sized businesses, and social economy


30 May 2018 05:48 PM


ACN | Barcelona

For all the budding and established entrepreneurs out there, the trade show BizBarcelona opened its doors on Wednesday morning. The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, attended the inauguration of the 20th edition of the fair.

Taking place at the Montjuïc venue of the Fira de Barcelona, the event is dedicated to entrepreneurship, small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), and social transformation. In an ever-changing world, BizBarcelona’s key ethos is how businesses must adapt and be competitive in this “new reality.”

Transformation process

To this end, the trade show “supports SMEs and self-employed professionals in this transformation process, providing the tools, knowledge and inspiration to successfully tackle the challenges of the new economy,” according to its website.

BizBarcelona is divided up into four differently themed areas. The ‘Technological Transformation’ zone is for those interested in digitally transforming their business to keep it in tune with the modern world. ‘Economic and Business Transformation’ offers information to people looking at setting up their own businesses, seeking finance for an existing one, and more.

The ‘Social Transformation’ section is for those looking to set up or already running a business in the context of a social and sustainable economy. Finally, ‘The Next’ area is where information on all the latest trends in technology, business, and economy can be found.


BizBarcelona is a networkers paradise. At this year’s edition it will hold 40 networking meetings. More than 50 companies are looking to establish themselves, or attract entrepreneurial talent. As is the case for the insurance company Catalana Occident.

“We need people who want to work, entrepreneurs who want to set up a business at practically no cost using the tools Catalana Occident can give them, and if they’re interested we give them the resources to make it happen,” explained Núria Báscones, a company representative.

80 exhibitors are taking part at BizBarcelona, and 190 conferences have been organized. Last year’s event closed with around 13,900 visitors, 193 conferences, and 326 speakers, according to BizBarcelona. It runs until May 31.

Catalonia, a hub of entrepreneurial activity

Entrepreneurial activity rose in Catalonia last year from 6.9% to just over 8%, above the averages for both Spain as a whole (6.1%) and Europe (7.8%). The figures presented on Monday come from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), a London-based project that annually assesses the level of entrepreneurial activity in different countries.

The GEM report also estimates that some 6.6% of the adult population are potential entrepreneurs capable of starting a business within the next three years. While this figure for Catalonia in 2017 was higher than in previous years, it is till some way from the 18% of the population in the most innovative countries.


  • The 'PIMEC' or small and medium business stand at BizBarcelona (by ACN)

  • The 'PIMEC' or small and medium business stand at BizBarcelona (by ACN)