wildlife protection

Scabies infection threatens the last population of Iberian wild goats in Catalonia

February 13, 2015 11:17 PM | ACN / Nisse Laiho-Murdoch

Hunters and park rangers are currently working together to try to contain the outbreak of Scabies in the wild population of Iberian ibex in the mountainous area of Terra Alta, in the south of Catalonia. This is the last surviving population of this local species throughout Catalonia, after it became extinct from the Pyrenees. Negotiations between the two parties began late last month after the Catalan Government's Department of Agriculture granted permission to hunt and kill the infected specimen before the disease spreads. A previous case in 1987, which eliminated 97% of the goat population, has meant that the Department of Agriculture is not taking this news lightly and want a swift yet controlled extermination of the diseased animals in order to prevent the extinction of the species in Catalonia.

Catalan Government to take Ebro Hydrologic Plan to Brussels as it endangers the Delta’s survival

March 4, 2014 09:45 PM | ACN

The Catalan Executive announced it will take the Spanish Government’s Hydrologic Plan for the Ebro River (Plan Hidrológico del Ebro) to the European Commission, as it will damage the river’s delta, which is a unique environment and one of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves. The European Commission replied that it will need “weeks or even months” to analyse the plan, which only guarantees that around 30% of the river’s volume of flow will reach the delta. According to scientific studies, such a volume of water is absolutely insufficient to preserve the Delta, which is a reserve for wildlife as well as a tourist and agricultural centre. The project foresees allocating almost 11,000 cubic hectometres of water per year upstream to irrigate 1.41 million hectares of fields, a third of them newly-created. Brussels is still waiting for Madrid’s documentation but the Commission warned that it will look at the plan “from all the possible angles”.

Released turtles return to the Mediterranean Sea after several months recovering at Catalan NGO facilities

October 27, 2011 12:17 AM | CNA / Bertran Cazorla

The beach at El Prat de Llobregat, next to Barcelona Airport, witnessed the return of a group of loggerhead turtles to the Mediterranean Sea. The release took place after their full recovering at CRAM's facilities, a Catalan foundation treating wounded marine animals. The release served as an example of a public awareness campaign on the turtle’s fragile ecosystem.

Barcelona zoo decides to renovate its current home and puts relocation project on standby

August 23, 2011 11:01 PM | CNA / Caitlin Smith

Plans to change the location of Barcelona zoo have been put on hold indefinitely. The zoo, which has been housed in Park of the Ciutadella since 1892, is now turning its attention to modernisation, aiming to become a "leader in the defence and conservation of biodiversity". Popular with tourists and locals alike, visitors increased by 13% from January to July this year. Coinciding with the zoo’s new plans, two spotted hyenas have arrived, the first in the last 25 years.