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Áreas consolidates its international business by managing USA’s largest highway rest stop

March 28, 2012 10:25 PM | CNA / Laura Quintana

The Catalan company Áreas will manage two service areas in the United States until 2047, including the largest in the entire country, located on the I-95 in Maryland, the busiest motorway in the US. The Catalan company will invest $56 million in their renovation, which will produce a turnover of about $1.8 billion in 35 years. With this operation, Áreas becomes the second largest operator in the US. The Catalan multinational ended the 2011 financial year with a turnover of €649 million, which represents 4% more than in 2010. This growth has been possible due to the company’s expansion in international markets.

Tariq Ramadan: “Europe does not care about democracy in the Arab countries but rather its geo-strategic interests”

February 28, 2011 11:23 PM | CNA / Maria Fernández Noguera / Ignacio Portela Giráldez

The Islamic intellectual, Tariq Ramadan was interviewed by CNA. “We are afraid of the arrival of immigrants, but the best thing to do is develop the countries of origin”. The grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder criticised Europe’s lack of commitment with the democratization of the Muslim world as revolts go on and racism grows in countries like Switzerland and Spain.