Temporada Alta Theatre Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary

December 15, 2016 12:36 AM | ACN

Temporada Alta, the renowned performing arts festival that takes place in Girona, reached this year its 25th birthday. After a quarter of century, the director of the event, Salvador Sunyer, took stock of its history in an interview with the CNA. Girona’s festival is noted for acting as the gateway to Spain, and often to Europe, for many international productions. Polish theatre director Krystian Lupa and British director Peter Brook were some of the big international names that could be seen at the festival this time out. In this vein, Sunyer stated thatencouraging work between companies and directors from Catalonia and international teams is one of the festival’s aims and long-term ambitions. A clear example of this wish is ‘Davant la Jubilació’ (‘Eve of Retirement’), in which Polish theatre director Lupa directs Catalan actors. This spectacle, and ten more, will tour internationally and 2016 is, indeed, the year in which many shows are having a longer trajectory after being released at the event.

Temporada Alta Theatre Festival celebrates its 25th edition with acclaimed international shows

September 30, 2016 03:05 PM | ACN

Temporada Alta, the renowned performing arts festival which takes place in Girona, reaches this year its 25th birthday. The benchmark festival at national and European level is offering a multidisciplinary programme designed for all audiences. Between this Friday and the 4th of December, well-known international artists such as Polish theatre director Krystian Lupa, British director Peter Brook and the Belgian-born choreographer Alain Platel will present their creations at the festival. In its 25th edition, it has programmed 26 international shows, from 17 different countries. However, there will also be room for Catalan productions and, indeed, Catalan director Lluís Pasqual has been given the responsibility of raising the curtain on the festival with ‘In memoriam - La quinta del biberón’, a work that has grown out of testaments from witnesses to the Battle of the Ebro.