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Alibaba may install its Southern Europe hub in Catalonia

May 15, 2017 07:16 PM | ACN

Catalonia may host the logistics hub for Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba for Southern Europe. According to Catalan Minister for Business Knowledge, Jordi Biaget, “no decision has been made yet” but the negotiations are already in the final stages. Although Alibaba is also considering France for the installation of its logistics center, the Catalan Government is working closely with the company so that Catalonia could be the chosen destination. Indeed, last February Baiget met with Alibaba’s board during a commercial mission to China and Hong Kong organized by the Catalan Government. Baiget also explained that the Catalan executive is analyzing more than 300 possible business investments in Catalonia.

Some 2,500 employees of Chinese company Tiens visit Barcelona to solidify business with the region

May 9, 2016 08:33 PM | ACN

2,500 employees of the Chinese multinational conglomerate Tiens were awarded a six-day trip throughout Spain, ending in Catalonia. Recognisable because of their bright turquoise garb with the company logo, the several thousand people had 20 aircraft and over 1,500 hotel rooms reserved for them. The trip was also business related. Indeed, the company expects to sign new “strategic alliances” with Catalan companies, noted Li Zongmin, son of billionaire tycoon, philanthropist, chairman and founder of Tiens, Li Jinyuan. The primary business allegiance is currently with pharmaceutical factory Eladiet Papiol, located east of Barcelona. Li Zongmin also added that Catalonia’s push for independence would not affect future business decisions.