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Reduce VAT on cinema tickets, urge Catalan parties and movie sector

May 18, 2017 02:27 PM | ACN

Global support in Catalonia to reduce VAT on cinema tickets from the current 21% to 10%. Compared to other EU countries, in which cultural activities including the movie sector benefit from reduced VAT, Spanish citizens have to live with high taxes on culture. Politicians and associations of the cinema sector in Catalonia consider the 21% VAT on cinema tickets “discriminatory” in comparison to other EU countries. In Germany, for example, there is reduced VAT (7%) on movies (not including damaging content for youth). In Belgium cultural events have a VAT of 6% and in neighboring France, VAT on cultural activities is 7%. That is why these cultural groups have lined up to urge the Spanish government to change it in the 2017 budget and set it at the same level as bullfighting, which is currently taxed at just 10%.

‘A Monster Calls’ wins eight Gaudí Awards

January 30, 2017 02:54 PM | ACN

New success for Barcelona-born film director J.A. Bayona on the night for Catalan cinema. His film ‘A Monster Calls’ won on Sunday eight Gaudí Awards, including Best Film in non-Catalan language, Best Director, Best Production Management, Best Film Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction and Best Sound. ‘La Propera Pell’ (in English, ‘The Next Skin’), directed by Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo, won three Gaudí Awards, including Best Movie, Best Leading Actress for Emma Suárez and Best Screenplay. The Best Leading Actor Award went to Eduard Fernández for his role in ‘El hombre de las mil caras’ (‘The Man with a thousand faces). The movie ‘100 metros’ (‘100 metres’) got two statuettes, including Best Supporting Actress for Alexandra Jiménez and Best Supporting Actor for Karra Elejalde.


Catalan cinema returns to Cambridge Film Festival for fifth consecutive year

October 21, 2016 06:22 PM | ACN

From the 20th to the 27th of October Cambridge will host the 36th edition of its well-known film festival and Catalan cinema will again have its own place in the programme. For the fifth time the event features ‘Camera Catalonia’, the most important fair in the UK focused on Catalan film. This year’s edition includes two of the most successful box office comedies in recent years: ‘Barcelona Summer Night’ and the sequel ‘Barcelona Christmas Night’, by young director Dani de la Orden. There are two other premieres, the documentary about Xavier Cugat, a Catalan musician during the golden years of Hollywood who became one of the originators of the Latin sound, ‘Sex, Maracas & Chihuahuas’and ‘The Virus of Fear’ by renowned Catalan film director Ventura Pons.“Everybody appreciates that cinema is one of best presentation letters to the world and that it is a perfect way of making us known to the world”, ‘Camera Catalonia’s curator, Ramon Lamarca, told the CNA.

Barcelona-born film director, screenwriter and producer Vicente Aranda dies at 88

May 26, 2015 09:20 PM | ACN

The Spanish Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced on Tuesday the death of Vicente Aranda, who has passed away in Madrid at the age of 88. Aranda was a renowned Barcelona-born film director, screenwriter and producer and one of the founding members of the so-called 'Barcelona School of Film', a group of Catalan filmmakers during the 1960’s concerned about how cinema was portraying unexpected events in daily life, with a pop-culture style. Born in the Catalan capital in 1926, during the course of his career Aranda won two Goya Awards, the Spanish Academy's equivalent of the Oscars. He directed many films including 'Amantes' (in English, 'Lovers', 1991), 'La Passión Turca' ('The Turkish Passion', 1994), and 'Juana la loca' ('Mad Love', 2001), among others. Among the key themes of his work are: the exploration of social issues, love as uncontrollable passion, eroticism and cruelty.

Film Director Albert Serra, represents Catalonia at Venice Biennal with his new project 'Singularity'

May 8, 2015 09:47 PM | ACN

The Catalan film director Albert Serra, best known for his film 'Story of my Death' (winner of the Locarno International Film Festival, 2013) will present his latest project 'Singularity' commissioned for the fourth Catalan participation at the major, contemporary art exhibition Venice Biennale. The exhibition represents Catalonia in this 56th edition of the international exhibit, within the 'Collateral Events' section. The official opening of the event was held on Thursday and is part of an ongoing collaboration between the cinematographer and the curator of the project, Chus Martinez. Catalonia's participation at the Biennale is driven and coordinated by the Institut Ramon Llull (the public body promoting Catalan culture and language abroad), and this year has cost a total of 497, 000 euros.

International documentary film festival DocsBarcelona to feature 42 films from 26 countries

April 30, 2015 08:44 PM | ACN

The 18th edition of the international documentary film festival DocsBarcelona will open its doors on 25 May. This year, 42 films from 26 countries will be screened in 3 different locations: the Aribau Cinema Club, the CCCB (Barcelona's Contemporary Culture Centre) and La Pedrera's cultural centre, located in Antoni Gaudí's famous building. Through the rich selection of this edition's programme, a wide range of human and social issues will be explored. These will include individual and family stories, pieces on historical memory, films to do with fundamental rights, as well as reflections on the environment and the economy. 'Falciani’s Tax Bomb' by Ben Lewis will open the festival, while the event closing will take place on 31 May with the screening of 'Dancing with Maria' by Ivan Gergolet.

Isabel Coixet wins Málaga Film Festival award for her career's work and screens 'Learning to drive'

April 24, 2015 08:55 PM | ACN

The Catalan film director Isabel Coixet screened her second latest film 'Learning to drive', starring Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson at the Málaga Film Festival this Friday. Coixet,is probably the most internationally acclaimed contemporary Catalan filmmaker, having directed 10 feature-length films including 'Things I Never Told You' (1996),  My Life Without Me (2003) which won a Goya Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for Berlin's Golden Bear, 'The Secret Life of Words' (2005) which won the main Goya Awards, and ' Map of the Sounds of Tokyo' (2009). Coixet manages to craft her films in her own style, whilst also working  also  with Hollywood stars such as Ben Kingsley, Tim Robbins and Penélope Cruz. She has also been involved in the making of many documentary films and commercials.

David Verdaguer, award-winning star of ‘10,000km’: “Theatre is my wife, and cinema is my lover”

April 10, 2015 08:56 PM | Marta Castillo / Georgina Garriga

The Catalan actor David Verdaguer, known for his comic roles in Catalan TV programmes such as ‘APM’ and ‘Crackòvia’, has recently received the Gaudí Award in the best actor category for his leading role in ‘10,000km’, directed by Carlos Marqués-Marcet. After the success of the film, Carlos Marqués is planning a new project to be filmed in London with a supporting role for Verdaguer. Deeply dedicated to theatre, David Verdaguer has just performed in the play ‘El somni Americà’ at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona.

Documentary accusing Barcelona local authorities of wrongdoing in police abuse case in 2006 sparks great controversy

March 17, 2015 03:20 PM | Laura Aznar / Martín González

The broadcast of a documentary entitled ‘Ciutat Morta’ (Dead City) has caused great controversy in Barcelona. The film narrates the events of the 4th of February 2006, when the eviction of a building ended with a policeman being left a quadriplegic and a number of detainees. The film, which has been aired by the main channel of the Catalan Public Television Broadcaster (TV3), uncovers political, judicial and law enforcement irregularities, while at the same time presenting accusations of torture allegedly carried out by two members of the Barcelona local police. The case, which was poorly covered by the mainstream media at that time, has caused outrage in Catalonia almost 9 years after the event because of the serious nature of the accusations and the tragic consequences it had for some of the people involved in it.

London’s Tate Modern hosts an event series on Catalan experimental filmmaker Albert Serra

March 11, 2015 10:15 PM | ACN

The Tate Modern launched on Wednesday 'Albert Serra: Divine Visionaries and Holy Fools', an event series on the Catalan maverick filmmaker. The show will be on until 20 March and will include an exclusive preview of his latest project 'Singularity', which he has been shooting the last few months. This project has been commissioned for the Catalan pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia. The Tate Modern-hosted event represents the first major showcase in the UK of Serra's work, a powerful and unique voice in contemporary cinema, as stated in the Tate Modern's presentation at the event. The show begins with the screening of his recent film 'Story of My Death' (2013) but the most awaited event will take place on Friday, when the Catalan director will premiere 'Singularity'.

Catalan Film Academy President Isona Passola: “We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel”

March 3, 2015 09:37 PM | Mar Fayos / Marina Force Castells

Isona Passola, the producer of the internationally-acclaimed Catalan film ‘Pa Negre’ (Black Bread), the Spanish contender for an Oscar in 2013, believes that “Catalan culture can be appreciated worldwide”. Passola has made many historical documentaries and is now convinced that “life acquires meaning when working for collective benefit”. Last year she presented ‘L’Endemà’, a documentary aimed at countering the arguments against Catalan independence and financed through crowd-funding. Passola, the current president of the Catalan Film Academy, is “a true defender of the right to form a family” and “has never lost the joie de vivre”.

Catalan director Albert Serra to finish filming his latest film ‘Singularity’ in Lleida

February 24, 2015 09:17 PM | ACN / Marta Castillo

After having filmed in Ireland, Albert Serra has chosen Lleida to finish ‘Singularity’, his latest project. The Catalan filmmaker won the Golden Leopard – the top prize at the Locarno International Film Festival – in 2013 for ‘Story of my death’. His new film will be presented in a multi-screen format at the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia. The Ramon Llull Institute, the public body promoting Catalan culture abroad, has chosen it as the project that will represent Catalan culture at this edition of the Biennale. Albert Serra, who won a Golden Leopard in 2013 for ‘Story of my death’, explained that ‘Singularity’ is “completely fanciful” and that more than being a film, it is a “baroque installation” with mining as a common link.