Catalonia’s independence would have “a major adverse impact on Spain’s economy” warns Moody’s

January 16, 2014 07:47 PM | ACN

Rating agency Moody’s warns that Catalan independence from Spain might have “a major adverse impact on Spain’s economy” but also that “Catalonia itself could also suffer” if the break–up is not friendly. In a forecast about the Spanish economy published this week, the New York-based company analyses potential risks that might damage the expected economic recovery. Moody’s praise the high level of exports, based on a higher competitiveness reached by lowering salaries. However, the report, signed by Zach Witton, highlights that “debt reduction by households and businesses, elevated unemployment, the housing market correction, and tight credit will drag on growth”.

Barcelona-based CaixaBank issues €1 billion in senior bonds attracting huge international demand

January 9, 2013 11:02 PM | CNA

The operation has rocketed CaixaBank shares in the Spanish stock exchange market, which increased by 11.75% in just one day. The Catalan CaixaBank, which is the largest bank in Spain, successfully issued €1 billion in 3-year senior bonds. The operation has attracted more than 300 orders from institutional investors, representing around €5 billion, which has allowed the Barcelona-based bank to sell its bonds at a better price thanks to the significant oversubscription. 80% of the bonds issued were placed among international investors, confirming the positive recognition CaixaBank has in international financial markets. It was the first time their senior bonds have been issued on the international markets since 2010.

The Catalan Government supports creating ‘hispanobonds’, Autonomy bonds with a Spanish Government guarantee

March 28, 2012 01:36 AM | CNA

The Spanish Minister for the Economy, Luís de Guindos, announced in Barcelona the future creation of the so-called ‘hispanobonds’, common bonds issued by the Autonomous Communities and backed by the Spanish Treasury. The objective is to reduce high interests rates, and thus the financial costs that the Autonomous Communities have to pay when they turn towards financial markets to get liquidity. The Catalan Finance Minister proposed the original idea several few weeks ago.

Josep Borrell asks the European Central Bank and Member State governments “to do the opposite to what they are doing” to save the euro

November 30, 2011 07:10 PM | CNA

The former President of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell, believes that the European Central Bank must buy sovereign debt and that governments need to implement budget cuts at a slower rate in order to avoid a drop in economic growth. Borrell also stressed that “the worst is possible”, and that they must act quickly. However, he added that “the euro will not disappear” but if some countries were left out, “it would be a problem for everybody” as “it would cause a big mess”.

The Catalan Government issues 3,700 million euros in one and two year retail bonds

October 24, 2011 10:19 PM | CNA

The 3.7 billion euros may be increased to 4 billion euros depending on demand. After the first day, the offer of bonds raised “high interest” according to financial sources. Citizens will be allowed to buy a minimum quantity of 1,000 euros and a maximum of 2 million euros. The Government is issuing bonds that expire in one year at an interest rate of 4.75%, and others expiring in two years at an interest rate of 5.25%. The Catalan Finance Minister stated that this bond offer is “safe and attractive”. It is the third emission of retail bonds in the Catalan Government’s history. The current bond emission mainly aims to replace those from the first emission, which expire next November 21st.

The Catalan Government is preparing the release of 3,800 million euros in retail bonds

September 15, 2011 11:25 PM | CNA

As carried out on two other occasions in the last year, the Catalan Government is preparing to release of 3,800 retail bonds to get cash. Financial sources informed ACN about the operation, which has not been confirmed by the Catalan Ministry of Economy. The bonds would be offered before November 21st, the day that the bonds issued by the former Catalan Government in autumn 2010 expire.

The Catalan and Spanish Governments disagree again over the 1.45 billion euros in the Competitiveness Fund

April 27, 2011 12:43 AM | CNA / Gaspar Pericay Coll

The Catalan Government received 3.2 billion euros last week from retail bonds, 0.5 billion euros more than the initial quantity released on the market. In addition, it will have to issue more debt and it needs the agreed money transfers from the Spanish Government. However, the Spanish Deputy Minister for Finance has rejected the request from the Catalan Government of 1.45 billion euros from the Competitiveness Fund and has warned Catalonia not to include that amount in this year’s budget. The Spokesperson for the Catalan Government accuses the Spanish Government of “acting as a defaulter”.

The Catalan Government issues 2,700 million euros in retail bonds to generate cash

April 12, 2011 01:58 AM | CNA / Gaspar Pericay Coll

In order to attain liquidity and taking into account the difficulties getting money from the international markets, the Catalan Government is selling 2.7 billion euros worth of treasury bonds. These will be bought by citizens at bank branches. One-year bonds have a 4.25% interest rate while for two-year bonds it is 4.75%. At the end of the first day of sales, 29% of the bonds were sold. The measure was already taken last October by the previous Government and the totality of the bonds were sold quickly.