Guardiola: “We’ll try to be constant and do our job”

FC Barcelona Manager, Pep Guardiola, is still playing things cautiously despite the reduced distance between Barça and Real Madrid, the current Spanish League leaders. “I still think there are a lot of points to win back”, he said. He also highlighted how 15 of the 19 players picked to go to Mallorca are products of the club itself, coming from Barça’s La Masia football school.

Jordi Clos

March 23, 2012 08:01 PM

Barcelona (FCB).- In a week in which Barça have seen the gap between themselves and Real Madrid cut from 10 to 6 points, Pep Guardiola, speaking to the press before the Spanish League game in Mallorca, has spoken cautiously. “It won’t be easy for us to win the ten games we’ve got left, we’re playing opponents with a lot at stake” he said. “Our only chance is to concentrate on our work. We’ll try to be constant and get our job done … I still think six points are a lot to make up”.

Full marks

But Guardiola has every faith in his players. “I am sure we won’t get distracted. At times we have been 13 points behind, and we have gone out to win all the same. The situation hasn’t changed at all … We knew we had done our homework, we competed and we behaved well wherever we went and that’s what we wanted from the players. Doing that, we’ve won three titles this season, and we’ll try to win more”.

15 home bred players

For the next game, there are players missing both in defence and on the wings. Unconcerned, Guardiola commented that “Montoya is an excellent full back and Muniesa can adapt perfectly to full or centre back … And of the 19 players picked, 15 were from our own youth system. That’s our victory. We will try to make the success even greater by winning the game”.

Difficult venue

Barça Manager also spoke about the effect Joaquín Caparrós has on the team they’ll be playing tomorrow. “He makes his mark, his teams are very recognisable” he said, adding that Mallorca are “intense, ambitious and dynamic.” The Iberostar Estadi, he reckons “is always difficult place to play”.