Guardiola: “The transition of managers is being impeccable”

In the press conference before FC Barcelona vs Malaga, Barça’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, praised the way the Catalan club is handling the transition of managers. He also said that Tito Vilanova is “very enthusiastic about the upcoming challenge”. The current manager explained that Barça’s last three Spanish League matches will serve as preparation for the Spanish Cup final against Athletic Club from Bilbao.

Jordi Clos

May 2, 2012 03:49 PM

Barcelona (FCB).- Pep Guardiola reminded the press room that he has eight more press conferences, not counting the one before the FC Barcelona vs Malaga, as Barça’s head manager. FC Barcelona’s boss used last Tuesday’s press conference to talk about the match against Málaga, how the team will prepare for the remaining matches of the season, and obviously, his departure. FC Barcelona “has handled the transition impeccably. Tito is very enthusiastic about the upcoming challenge,” said the current Barça manager.

After last week’s announcement that Tito Vilanova will take over the Barça helm next season, Guardiola said: “my relationship with him hasn’t changed at all. We’re following our usual process and I’m by his side. I want Tito to know that I’ll be close to him.” At the same time, the manager said he’s worn down because of “the day to day [work] with the team, winning so many titles.” On his farewell at the Camp Nou –Barça’s next two games will be at home– Guardiola said: “I’ve always believed that things should be done naturally, that’s how we’ll do it.”

Mentally preparing for the Spanish Cup final

On the other hand, with the Spanish League out of reach, Guardiola recognised that Barça’s three remaining matches in the domestic competition will serve to prepare the team for the Spanish Cup final, to be played against Athletic Club from Bilbao. “Each game and each training session is done in preparation for the Cup final. Everything is focused on that. Against Rayo the players proved that they’re eager,” he said. Guardiola went on to say that “I’m mentally prepared for the Cup final. It’s this month’s objective.”

Guardiola added, “we cannot play poorly in our next three matches and then go on to the final.” The manager also said that “Pinto will play” in the last three La Liga games and that he doesn’t want his players to obsess about Leo Messi’s fight for the Pichichi award. “We just have to play well and attack as best we can. We’re playing against good opponents, football will do the rest.” When asked if he would give Messi the Ballon d’Or again, the manager said “he’s done a brutal job this year” and, therefore, the Argentine’s merits “are evident.”

Guardiola's future

Pep Guardiola indicated that he does not know what the future holds for him after June 30. “I’m going to go home and I have no idea what my goal will be for the future. I don’t know,” he admitted. He also said that he doesn’t know if he’ll manage FC Barcelona again.