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Unionist group warns French authorities of 'nationalist virus' ahead of Puigdemont visit

Societat Civil Catalana plans events abroad to counter work of Catalan government


28 February 2020 03:02 PM



Fernando Sánchez Costa, at the helm of unionist group Societat Civil Catalana, has warned French authorities a day before former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont's visit to Perpignan that the "nationalist virus spreads quickly," but added that they can "play at pan-Catalanism" if they so wish.

Sánchez Costa also commented on the first talks held on Wednesday between the Spanish and Catalan governments dealing with the independence conflict in Catalonia, asking that the pro-independence side not call itself "Catalan delegation because it does not represent all Catalans."

The head of the unionist group, furthermore, criticized Spanish president Pedro Sánchez's handling of the talks, arguing that Catalonia should be treated "like the rest of Spain's autonomous communities."

Unionist campaign abroad

Societat Civil Catalana announced that, once its accounts are stabilized, it would be kicking off a series of events in London, Washington D.C., Paris and Brussels countering the work the Catalan government carries out abroad.

"The Spanish government has done a great job in terms of international diplomacy, but it hasn't focused on public opinion," Sánchez Costa noted.  

In Brussels, their efforts will be focused on putting on an exhibition at the European Parliament in collaboration with the People's Party, Ciudadanos and the Socialists.

Túnels de Vallvidrera protest

In addition to the projects planned abroad, the unionist group has proposed cutting off access to Barcelona at the Túnels de Vallvidrera every Friday until pro-independence supporters stop holding nightly protests at Avinguda Meridiana, one of the Catalan capital's main arteries.

SCC will also be organizing an event in Barcelona on March 12 in favor of "ideological neutrality" at professional associations and universities. 


  • Societat Civil Catalana president Fernando Sánchez Costa on February 28, 2020 (by Gerard Artigas)

  • Societat Civil Catalana president Fernando Sánchez Costa on February 28, 2020 (by Gerard Artigas)