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Unemployment continues to rise but at slower pace compared with start of lockdown

Last month saw a 0.4% increase in those seeking work, with 485,019 registered at unemployment offices


02 July 2020 10:38 AM


ACN | Barcelona

Unemployment registered in Catalonia rose by 1,870 people in June, leaving a total of 485,019 people without work.

In addition, unemployment in June is 35.76% higher than in the same month last year, when there were 357,272 people without work.

Since then, 127,747 more people have registered with the unemployment offices. 

Despite this, unemployment is growing at a more moderate pace than in the midst of the pandemic, with a 0.4% monthly increase between May and June. At the start of the lockdown, unemployment rose 5.5% in March, 12.2% in April, and 3.3% in May.

This is the highest figure seen since April 2016, when there were 486,123 jobseekers. 

In Spain as a whole, 5,107 more people joined the unemployment lists in June, a slight increase of 0.13% compared to May, but which represents an increase of 28.98% compared to one year ago. 

In total, there are 3,862,883 unemployed people in Spain, about 847,197 more than in the same period in 2019.

These latest numbers count registrations at the unemployment office, while figures released at the end of April by Spain's statistics institute's labor force survey, which counts quarterly unemployment data, showed unemployment in Catalonia sitting at 10.66%, with 411,600 people without jobs at that time.

These numbers report on everybody without work, be they registered with the unemployment office or not, as well as "inactive" people in the country.


  • A young person gets help at the unemployment office on October 30 2018 (by Andrea Zamorano)

  • A young person gets help at the unemployment office on October 30 2018 (by Andrea Zamorano)