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Spanish police instigate bar fight in heart of Barcelona

Off-duty and drunk, they mistook the Italian waiters for Catalans, demanding that they speak in Spanish before threatening violence


26 October 2017 12:35 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Seven agents from the Spanish National Police, deployed in Barcelona, were protagonists of a bar fight in the heart of the Catalan capital on Monday night. 

According to eyewitnesses speaking to RAC1, the Spanish police agents, drunk and off-duty, started causing trouble from the moment they entered the bar. Two of them were very drunk, to the point that maybe they were on “something else” according to one source present at the bar in the Born district, one of the most touristic parts of the capital.

The agents were shouting, disturbing other clients, and abusing the Italian waiters, who spoke amongst themselves in their native tongue. The Spanish police confused Italian with Catalan, and obliged the waiters to speak in Spanish, saying “Barcelona is Spain.”


  • "We are the law here in Barcelona. You close and open when we say so"

    Spanish police agent

According to Luca, one of the waiters working that night, the situation took a turn for the worse. The agents refused to pay for their drinks, and then ordered a last round. When he told them no and that the bar was closing, he received a barrage of verbal abuse.

“We are the law here in Barcelona. You close and open when we say so,” he was told.

“They grabbed me by the neck,” said Luca. “Luckily my colleague came downstairs and helped me get rid of them. Then they began to threaten us with stools.”

The owners called the Mossos denouncing aggression and destruction at their premises. When the Catalan police arrived, the Spanish police accused the waiters of robbing their mobile phones, which were found on the floor. The Spanish police then began to abuse the Mossos, calling them “rats” and swearing at them. The owners of the bar plan to denounce them for damages and threatening behaviour.  


  • Spanish police outside Spain's sub-delegation in Girona (by ACN)

  • Spanish police outside Spain's sub-delegation in Girona (by ACN)