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Small fire lit at base of Colombus statue in Barcelona

Monument has come into question over recent movement against historical colonialist figures


28 June 2020 04:19 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The base of the statue of Christopher Columbus in Barcelona was set on fire in the early hours of the morning. 

A group set fire to one of the monument's protection nets and a fire brigade quickly extinguished the small fire without further consequences. 

The fire took place around 12.30 am and a group calling themselves 'El Barri Resisteix,' with more than 550 followers in Telegram, claimed responsibility for the fire. 

Hours earlier, the statue had been the scene of two opposing demonstrations: one by the far-right Vox party to exalt the importance of the ‘discoverer’ of America, and another by various anti-capitalist, LGTBI, and anti-racist protest groups, there to counter the presence of the far-right and against the figure of Christopher Columbus.

On Sunday morning, various graffiti such as “Anti-racist fire” and “Colonialvirus” appeared on the Columbus monument and its surroundings.

In recent weeks, statues of colonizers and historical figures involved in slave trading have become the focus of various movements and protests, with some monuments being toppled and beheaded across the world. 


  • The figure of Christopher Columbus in Barcelona (by Alan Ruiz Terol)

  • The figure of Christopher Columbus in Barcelona (by Alan Ruiz Terol)