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‘Save my eyes’ fundraiser for 24-year old Catalan in Seattle hospital raises €220,000 in three days

Marta Bustos burnt her face with lye while making homemade soap


22 June 2020 11:58 AM


ACN | Barcelona

A fundraiser to "save the eyes" of Marta Bustos, a 24-year old Catalan living in Seattle, has achieved more than 220,000 euros in three days.

Bustos got her face burnt while making natural soap with lye, an extremely corrosive substance also known as caustic soda that causes chemical burns and can lead to permanent blindness upon contact with eyes.

In a video recorded from her bed at the Harborview Medical Center of Seattle, Bustos shares her story and asks for donations to help cover the cost of her medical treatment and a possible cornea transplant.

"I hope I’ll be able to see the sea again. Or read a book in Torredembarra [a seaside town in Southern Catalonia]. Or cook one of my paellas," she says.

  • "We forget how incredible our healthcare system is"

    Marta Bustos · 24-year old Catalan living in the US

Born in Terrassa, in the surroundings of Barcelona, Bustos moved to the United States two years ago and currently lives with her couple.

Bustos praises the Spanish healthcare system, and regrets the costs of falling sick in the United States: "We forget how incredible our social healthcare system is, but there we complain about it. I know they need more funds. [...] But we don’t know what other countries don’t have. [...] You break your leg and the ambulance may cost 1,500 or 2,000 dollars. A night at the ICU can cost 4,000 dollars." 

Bustos’ fundraiser has already surpassed the €75,000 goal set by the Gofundme campaign. Anna Góngora, the fundraiser organizer, said that once all medical costs are covered, the extra funds will be donated.


  • Marta Bustos, a Catalan living in the US who burnt her face with lye (by Gofundme)

  • Marta Bustos, a Catalan living in the US who burnt her face with lye (by Gofundme)