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Project aims to encourage more girls to study science

Only 23% of people with degree in science are female, according to university


19 February 2018 05:01 PM


ACN | Berga

More than 100 students are to gather in the central Catalan town of Berga in order to debate how to increase the presence of females in studying science-related studies at university.

Coming from eight different European countries, the high school students form part of a project entitled Science Girls. Throughout the week long meeting, entitled ‘Science Visions Encounter’, the students will try and understand why so few women take up science studies in order to be able to encourage more to do so.

The initiative has been made possible thanks to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Guillem de Berguedà college, as well as the local council in Berga.

“Worrying” situation

According to data from the university, only 23% of those who end up with a degree in science are women. The director of the key department behind Science Girls, Dolors Grau, has called the situation “worrying.” For this reason, the project was originally set up two years ago. During this period, the eight European countries taking part have developed activities to determine the cause of this low female presence in science.

The results of these activities will be debated by the students throughout the week. “We have visited factories, and met female scientists who are at the top. This shows that, with effort, you can get to wherever you want,” explained Judith Devers, a member of the Science Girls project.

Limiting attitudes

According to the director of Guillem de Berguedà college, Ferran Camprubí, schools play a key role in turning the situation around. “Society hindering girls is one of the things the education system must change. Although the situation has advanced, there are still many limiting attitudes,” he said.

Students from across Europe

Countries taking part in the ‘Science Visions Encounter’ meeting include England, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, and Catalonia.

The students will attempt to draw conclusions from their work in order to analyze the problem and find solutions. 


  • Part of the Science Girls team (by ACN)

  • Part of the Science Girls team (by ACN)