Pro-Palestine protesters block Barcelona's La Rambla and call for boycott of Carrefour

Rally-goers oppose companies supporting 'colonization' and target French supermarket chain

Several people protesting against Carrefour outside one of their shops, in Barcelona's La Rambla
Several people protesting against Carrefour outside one of their shops, in Barcelona's La Rambla / Albert Hernàndez

ACN | @agenciaacn | Barcelona

December 23, 2023 03:27 PM

Some pro-Palestine protesters blocked Barcelona's La Rambla iconic boulevard on Saturday afternoon.

In the latest of a set of demonstrations in the past few weeks, they demanded the end of the war in Gaza.

They also called for a boycott of several companies that, according to them, support Israel's "colonization" of the West Bank and Gaza.

During the protest, they especially targeted the French supermarket chain Carrefour, one of the examples of those backing the colonization, they said –the rally was held outside one of the brand's shops.

The event was hosted by the Catalan Palestinian Community and the Enough Complicity with Israel platform.

They also organized similar rallies outside other Carrefour supermarkets in around 15 more Catalan municipalities, including La Seu d'Urgell, Olot, Girona, Manresa, Lleida, Vic and El Prat de Llobregat.

The coordinator for Catalonia's Committee in Solidarity with Palestine, Marc del Alcázar I Julià, said to the press that the French firm is a "blatant" example of support to Israel.

"This company funds the genocide in Palestine," read one of the banners in the rally, which was attended by dozens of people who were waiving Palestinian flags and chanted mottos like 'Boycott Carrefour'.

Agreement with company 'active in illegal Israeli settlements'

According to the pro-Palestine entity BDS, which has been supporting such boycott for over a year, in March 2022 "Carrefour Group announced a new franchise agreement in Israel with Electra Consumer Products and its subsidiary Yenot Bitan, both active in the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise."

"This decision makes Carrefour complicit in war crimes committed by the Israeli regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over the entire Palestinian people."