Police investigate new gang rape of minor in Badalona

City north of Barcelona already saw two detainees last week on unrelated sexual assault case

Catalan Mossos d'Esquadra police car
Catalan Mossos d'Esquadra police car / Blanca Blay
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June 5, 2023 02:17 PM

June 5, 2023 02:27 PM

Catalan Mossos d'Esquadra police are investigating a new gang rape of a minor in Badalona, straight north of Barcelona, as first reported by the Spanish newspaper 'La Vanguardia,' and later confirmed by the Catalan News Agency (ACN) on Monday afternoon.

The alleged perpetrators are also underage, and the events occurred on Saturday afternoon.

'La Vanguardia' reports that law enforcement agents have identified and detained five of the alleged rapists, but the police did not yet confirm such information.

The group would be formed between six and seven teenagers. Among them, there would be the victim's boyfriend, and the daily quotes one of the detainees saying that the boyfriend "invited them [his friends]" to "rape" the girl.

Badalona Magic’s shopping mall

Last week, between Tuesday and Wednesday, two underages were detained by the police for an unrelated alleged gang-sexual assault offense on a 13-year-old girl in Badalona's Màgic shopping mall, as Spanish daily 'La Vanguardia' first reported, and ACN later confirmed.

The investigation is still undergoing as police believe there could be more people involved.

Màgic shopping mall, in the city just north of Barcelona, has seen at least four sexual assaults reported in the last months. The first one in November was an alleged gang rape by six boys of an 11-year-old girl. Three more cases have since then been denounced.

FC Barcelona Champions League celebration

Catalan Mossos d’Esquadra police detained on Sunday night a 30-year-old man for an alleged sexual assault to an 18-year-old girl during FC Barcelona Women’s team Champions League celebrations in Barcelona, as first reported by journalist Anna Punsi, and later confirmed by the Catalan News Agency (ACN).

The detainee touched himself in the middle of the thousands of fans who celebrated the victory and ejaculated to the back of an 18-year-old girl when players were already on their way back to the bus.

At the time, the girl and her mother warned Mossos d’Esquadra, who detained the man.