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Lleida and Segrià county lockdown: Civil Protection Q&A

Catalan News' English translation of Procicat's guide to what is permitted in western Catalonia region


04 July 2020 02:51 PM



On July 4, the Catalan government revealed that Lleida and the rest of Segrià county in western Catalonia must go back into lockdown due to an increase in Covid-19 cases. 

Here Catalan News provides an English translation of Civil Protection (Procicat) answers to questions you might have about what you can do or where you can go.

Last updated July 4 at 14:56 CET. 

1. What area is affected?

All of Segrià county starting at 12 pm on July 4.

2. Can I enter or leave Segrià county?

No, generally speaking, you will not be allowed to enter or leave Segrià county.

People who must travel for work will be allowed to enter or leave the county to go to their places of employment. This includes transport, provision of services, commercial and other economic activities. This will have to be certified.

Only under exceptional circumstances, which will be assessed on a case by case basis, will other people be allowed to enter or leave the county.

3. Will traveling through the county to leave Catalonia and enter Aragon be permitted?

Yes, roads and highways will be open for people traveling through the county, but there will be checkpoints at all of the county's entry and exit points.

4. Can I travel within Segrià county?

Yes, there are no travel restrictions within the county, but people are advised to reduce how much they travel and to remain within their towns of residence.

For people who work for agricultural firms, mobility must be restricted to only essential travel.

Self-responsibility certificates are recommended to facilitate work at checkpoints.

5. Can I meet up with people out on the street, at home, or in public buildings?

Only groups of up to 10 people, preferably those who live together, can meet up in private or public spaces.

6. Do rules concerning face masks change?

Face masks must always be worn when on the street or in public spaces or in private spaces used by the public.

7. Can I visit dependent family members?

Yes, to ensure their needs are covered. Use extreme caution (handwashing, safety distances, and use of face masks) given the risk they face.

8. Can I visit family members at nursing homes?

No. Visits to elderly care homes have been suspended as a precaution.

9. Can children play at parks?

Yes, but extra care must be taken. They are advised to play with their own toys rather than ones that are shared or at facilities used by many. Comply with any playground closures that cities or towns may carry out.

10. Can I walk my pet?

Yes, in compliance with safety distances as well as other health and safety measures.

11. Will businesses within the county be closed?

Businesses will be allowed to carry on as long as they comply with health and safety measures regarding hand washing, safety distances and surface area requirements as well as face mask use established in the reopening phase.

12. Is provision at supermarkets and food stores guaranteed?

Yes, food distribution is an essential service and the arrival of primary commodities is coordinated with distribution platforms.

13. Is there an information hotline?

012 is for information and 061 is to ask about symptoms. 112 should only be used for emergencies and not to ask for information.

14. Who is most at risk?

The health department deems elderly people and those with chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular, cardiac or pulmonary disease as well as diabetes or immune disorders to be at risk.

15. Will public transport be running?

Yes, but there will be checkpoints to guarantee that only those who are allowed to travel into and out of the county do so, that is to say, people who must travel for work or to take care of dependents.


  • People walking down a street in the center of Lleida on July 4, 2020 (by Anna Berga)

  • People walking down a street in the center of Lleida on July 4, 2020 (by Anna Berga)