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Event held in solidarity with Catalan leaders in jail and abroad

“It’s a constant uncertainty,” says partner of former official in Belgium


07 February 2018 08:25 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Loved ones and relatives of the Catalan leaders both in jail and abroad gathered in Barcelona today, in order to show their solidarity. Many spoke of their personal experience.

“You find strength, you move forward,” said Sergi Corbrera, the partner of Toni Comín, who is in Brussels alongside Carles Puigdemont. He referred to the situation as a “constant uncertainty.”

All in all, 15 families are affected, having to spend large sums of in order to visit those close to them, either in prisons in the Madrid region, or in Belgium.

One MP for Junts per Catalunya, Jordi Turull, was also present. He had, in fact, been incarcerated after the application of Article 155. Referring to the measures carried out by Spain to put a halt to the independence process, he said that “a society in fear is a society that is finished.” He also called on pro-independence supporters to trust Junts per Catalunya, Esquerra and the CUP.

The wife of Joaquim Forn, who remains behind bars, also had some words to say. “They are creating a crime that isn’t there,” she said, speaking of the alleged crimes hanging over the heads of those in prison and Belgium.

The event was attended by around 100 people. It also served as a means to raise funds for families affected by Spain’s measures.


  • Attendees at event in support of jailed leaders (by ACN)

  • Attendees at event in support of jailed leaders (by ACN)