Cuixart calls for ‘generosity’ to ‘move forward’ and regrets pro-independence ‘partisan struggles’

The leader of Òmnium rejects a pardon and "blackmail" attempts, however much he wants a temporary leave permit

Jordi Cuixart paints a ceramic piece during his time in prison (photo from Cuixart's Twitter account)
Jordi Cuixart paints a ceramic piece during his time in prison (photo from Cuixart's Twitter account) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

February 1, 2020 01:34 PM

Jailed activist Jordi Cuixart has lamented the "lack of a sense” from Spain, and the “partisan struggles" that the pro-independence parties have experienced in recent days, which has led to the calling of a snap election, with the date yet to be set.  

In a letter to the members of his civic organization, Òmnium Cultural, Cuixart says "the people are there" but warns that there cannot be "frustrations" that lead to "a permanent disorientation" among pro-independence supporters. 

That is why he believes that "until generosity returns, it will be impossible to move forward" and emphasizes that "the citizens of this country deserve coherence.” 

He also claims that Òmnium will "always" work for universal agreement and "never renounce dialogue," while Spain "alter democratic majorities and violate human rights."

The jailed leader goes to say that his pro-independence civic group will continue to "push" for the "democratic resolution of the conflict," with "the end of repression and amnesty of all political prisoners and exiles."

However, Cuixart warns: "We reject the pardon and any measure or blackmail, however much it pretends to condition a permit, which involves renouncing the struggle for self-determination by exercising fundamental rights." 

Earlier this week, prosecutors sided against the jailed leader being given a second permit to temporarily leave jail, citing a “lack of remorse on Cuixart’s part.

Finally, Cuixart also appreciates the first permit he received as a prisoner: "Being able to embrace family and friends in freedom was a huge pleasure, it allowed us to recharge our batteries and hold on to it stronger than ever before in the conviction that what we are doing has all the sense in the world because we're building it together."