Catalan official deposed for hiding referendum ballot boxes

Annabel Marcos’ “immediate” dismissal was approved by the Spanish Ministry of Interior

A ballot box on October 1 2017 (by Carles Palacio / ACN)
A ballot box on October 1 2017 (by Carles Palacio / ACN) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

April 3, 2018 01:58 PM

The director of the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia (ISPC ), Annabel Marcos, was “immediately” deposed by the Spanish Ministry of Interior, once the latter learned Marcos had allegedly transported ballot boxes for the 2017 independence referendum in her vehicle.

According to Spain’s Ministry, the decision was made in virtue of faculties attributed to Article 155, the Spanish constitutional article implemented shortly after independence was declared in Catalonia to seize the latter’s self-government.

The Ministry of Interior insists that the competencies to dismiss Marcos are in order to “guarantee the rights and freedoms of all citizens in Catalonia,” “to ensure compliance with the principles set forth in the Constitution,” and "the absolute recognition of the professionalism" of the Catalan police force officers, the Mossos d'Esquadra, who receive training through ISPC.

Annabel Marcos was appointed director of the ISPC in March 2016 by the Catalan government. Previously, she had been an MP in the Catalan parliament for the pro-independence Convergència party (later rebranded as PDeCAT) until September 2015