Catalan civil organizations launch campaign to go international

Topics covered by institutions include Catalan language, law, pacifist movement, mountaineering and scouting, among others

Image of the recording of one of the 'Píndoles FOCIR' videos (by FOCIR)
Image of the recording of one of the 'Píndoles FOCIR' videos (by FOCIR) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

April 18, 2018 01:37 PM

Catalonia has a strong history in civil organizations – now, a new campaign aims to take them to an international level.

Launched through the Federation of Internationally Recognized Catalan organizations (FOCIR), the campaign is called ‘Píndoles,’ meaning ‘short videos.’ Specifically, one will be made for each organization member of the federation.

The aim, according to FOCIR’s website, is for the “rest of the countries in the world to become aware of Catalonia, Catalans, and their associative network.” So far, they feature short interviews and descriptions of the Institute of Catalan Studies, the Catalan Federation of Choral Entities, and Mountain Wilderness Catalonia.

The associations participating in this year’s edition of the campaign are the Catalan Association of Deaf-Blind People (APSOCECAT), the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC), labor union Intersindical, the Catalan Federation of Choral Entities (FCEC), the Catalan Association for Peace (ACP), Catalan Entities for Social Action (ECAS), nature-geared organization Mountain Wilderness Catalonia, the Catalan Federation of Guiding and Scouting, internet domain organization Fundació, and the Council of Catalan Advocacy  (CICAC).