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Barcelona Science Park introduces the first European web portal on biomedics for high-school students

The website ‘Xplore Health’ is an educational tool for secondary school students. It aims to improve the understanding of biomedical science, as well as “inspire future researchers”. It is a European Commission project, led by Barcelona Science Park (from the University of Barcelona) and involving research centres and science museums from across the EU.


05 July 2011 07:25 PM


ACN / Gaspar Pericay Coll

Barcelona (ACN).- European high-school students have at their disposal, for the first time, an educational web portal on biomedical science: \u2018Xplore Health\u2019. It is a European Union funded project, led by Barcelona Science Park (BSP), a research platform \u2013mainly on life sciences\u2013 from the University of Barcelona that has research institutes and private companies working on its facilities. BSP presented last Monday evening \u2018Xplore Health\u2019, the first tool of its kind at European level. It is a participative channel for high-school students, to raise scientific literacy and the understanding of biomedical science. The website aims at \u201Cstimulating dialogue\u201D and \u201Cinspiring future researchers\u201D, as stated in its online presentation. The website has tools for educators and interactive applications for students, such as experiment samples. The objective is to make students familiar with biomedical science and its investigation. \u2018Xplore Health\u2019 also has the secondary objective to educate the wider public and to promote dialogue on issues related to biomedicine, such as its ethical, legal and socioeconomic aspects. The website is the outcome of a pan-European project, where research centres and science museums from across the EU participate.

The project has been developed by a European network of centres and organisations, and funded by the European Commission with the collaboration of the Catalan savings bank La Caixa (through its social work foundation) and the Amgen Foundation. Barcelona\u2019s Science Park led the project. Museums from four member states (Poland, France, the United Kingdom and Spain) are also participating in the initiative, as well as research centres such as the Centre of the Cell from the University of London. The pan-European organisation \u2018European Schoolnet\u2019, which represents more than 30,000 schools throughout Europe, was also involved in the project.


  • A caption from the website Xplore Health (by ACN / Xplore Health)

  • A caption from the website Xplore Health (by ACN / Xplore Health)