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Animal rights group takes 14 rabbits in raid of farm in Catalan town

Town council has said that it will support the claims of the farmer should he come forward


02 September 2019 09:07 PM



An animal rights group has orchestrated a rabbit-raid at a farm in the town of Gurb, north of Barcelona. 

The raid allegedly happened on Sunday night, when around 40 people entered a farm and opened the cages where the rabbits where. The activists, a vegan group fighting for the preservation of animals, are believed to have taken 14 rabbits, according to their social media pages. 

Catalan police identified 15 people when they went to the farm, and although police registered them and their vehicles, they did not find the animals. 

The Gurb council has declared that it will serve as private prosecutor should the farmer come forward - “all of the claims are legitimate, but entering private property, stealing and creating insecurity for the people who live in the farms or work there is not the way to do it” explained Gurb Mayor Josep Casassas in an interview with ACN.

Just before the police arrived, a group of farmers had assembled to try to stop the activists, although the theft had already been carried out.

The mayor explained that the farmers feel “helpless” when these actions occur, and are “calling into question their work as stock-breeders.”

Gurb farmers also fell victim to activists earlier in the year. At the start of summer, activists stole a calf, leaving a note saying that “they had saved their lives and that from now on it would not be anyone’s meal”.

The police investigation remains open and the identified activists will be cited by Catalan police.

The raid coincides with the reignition of a debate over bull-related events in Catalonia, after a bull escaped during an event caused 19 injuries on Sunday, and the death of the bull.



  • Rabbits at Gurb farm raided by animal rights group

  • Rabbits at Gurb farm raided by animal rights group