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Spanish prosecutor files lawsuit against deposed minister for transferring assets to wife

Jordi Turull accused of an insolvency offence


30 May 2018 03:43 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Spain’s prosecutor has filed a lawsuit against Catalan MP Jordi Turull and his wife Blanca Bragulat for an insolvency offence, after he allegedly transferred “an important part” of his assets to her ahead of the political crisis over last October’s referendum and declaration of independence.

A senior figure in president Carles Puigdemont’s government, Turull was sacked as minister along with his colleagues and subsequently sent to Madrid’s Estremera prison on November 2, where he spent a month behind bars. He entered prison again on March 23, accused of rebellion and misuse of public funds for his role in the independence bid.

The Supreme Court set a bail of 2.1 million euros to be paid between all of the deposed cabinet members. The figure stands for the estimated cost of the independence referendum, which went ahead despite Spain’s opposal.

In total, 25 Catalan politicians have been indicted by the Supreme Court in relation to the independence case. This includes all members of the Puigdemont cabinet, six former parliament bureau members, three former senior MPs and two leaders of pro-independence civic organizations.

Turull was nominated by Puigdemont as his successor after pro-independence parties held on to a parliamentary majority last October, but his appointment—just like Puigdemont’s and that of activist Jordi Sánchez—was blocked by Spanish courts.

The newly elected president Quim Torra offered to reinstate Turull and some of his colleagues as ministers, but Spanish president Mariano Rajoy blocked their appointment. On Tuesday, Torra proposed alternative candidates in order to unlock the political standstill.




  • Jordi Turull and Blanca Bragulat outside Spanish Supreme Court on March 23 (by ACN)

  • Jordi Turull and Blanca Bragulat outside Spanish Supreme Court on March 23 (by ACN)