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Far-left CUP: Scotland and Catalonia independence votes should take place on same day

A national pact on amnesty and self-determination will be launched in Catalonia shortly


01 June 2021 04:06 PM



According to the far-left CUP party, both Scotland and Catalonia should hold independence votes on the very same day.

The anti-capitalists, whose nine MPs are key to the pro-independence majority in Parliament, will put forward the initiative as soon as the national pact on amnesty and self-determination is launched in Catalonia – something that the new president, Pere Aragonès, pledged upon being sworn into office.

CUP ran in the February 14 election proposing a self-determination referendum by 2025. The party has agreed on the Catalan government launching talks with Spain in an attempt to persuade Madrid to accept an independence vote.

Yet, given that they are skeptical about the success of negotiations, they have set a two-year deadline for Aragonès' strategy. After 2023, they want to "democratically confront" Spain if the Scotland-like vote has been rejected, "preferably in the form of a referendum."

All pro-independence parties have found consensus in trying to achieve an agreement with Madrid similar to that of Edinburgh and London a decade ago that resulted in the September 18, 2014 binding referendum in Scotland.

Now, since a majority of MSPs in the newly elected Scottish parliament aim to put forward a second vote with London's approval, the far-left CUP believes both referendums should be held on the same day – even if the one in the northern nation of Great Britain is permitted by Boris Johnson's cabinet and the one in Catalonia is not, like in 2017.

Have a listen to the Catalan News recent podcast on the similarities and differences between the Catalan and Scottish independence campaigns.

 Pact for self-determination and amnesty

President Pere Aragonès is expected to call on all political and social organizations to come together in a national pact for self-determination and an amnesty for everyone involved in legal cases stemming from the independence push.

This is set to be launched before the first meeting between the Catalan and Spanish governments in their upcoming effort to engage in talks, which could begin before the summer holiday season. 


  • Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets the then Catalan vice president Pere Aragonès, October 7, 2018

  • Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets the then Catalan vice president Pere Aragonès, October 7, 2018