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EU’s “unconditional” support for Rajoy does not help situation, warns Puigdemont

In article for 'Politico' he says that political conflict is “escalating” and urges Spanish government to dialogue 


10 January 2018 11:42 AM


ACN | Barcelona

Carles Puigdemont said that European leaders’ “unconditional” support for the Spanish government doesn’t contribute to resolving the political conflict between Catalonia and Madrid. “Siding unconditionally with the Spanish government does not help to solve a problem that is real,” stated Puigdemont in an article published by ‘Politico’.

The Catalan president, deposed by the Spanish government after the enforcement of Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, also warned that the political problem between the two administrations is “escalating” and that it “will not go away with baton charges, imprisonments, exiles and prohibitions.”

In the article, Puigdemont noted that “some of Europe’s leaders may continue to remain silent in the face of a government that does not apparently accept the results of an election.” Still, he acknowledged that he’s “no longer surprised” by EU leaders’ stance, “but disappointed”.

“What is needed is dialogue”

Puigdemont also urged the Spanish government to negotiate. “Madrid must be made to understand that what is needed is dialogue, negotiation and agreement on the future relationship we Catalans want to have with Spain,” he said. In that sense, the Catalan president stressed that “negotiating is not a sign of weakness or cowardice, but rather a great strength of democracy.” 

  • "Madrid must be made to understand that what is needed is dialogue, negotiation and agreement on the future relationship we Catalans want to have with Spain"

    Carles Puigdemont · Catalan president

Yet, he argued that “in Spanish political culture, force and imposition have dominated too much, and this probably still confuses the minds of its elite (politicians and media).” Puigdemont also accused the Spanish government of not having “opened a single channel of dialogue with the parliamentary majority that supports the current Catalan government.”

“Pro-independence parties won the greatest support in their history”

In addition, the Catalan president reminded that “in last month’s Catalan parliamentary election, pro-independence parties won the greatest support in their history.” “There were 113,000 more pro-independence votes than in the previous parliamentary election, in 2015, and 35,000 more votes than in the October 1 referendum on independence,” he pointed out.

He also argued that in the last election, “not only” more than two million people voted pro-independence parties, but “independence sentiment has been consolidated and continues to grow.” “The desire to be free from Madrid is rising, it is in the majority and it is lasting over time, despite the huge difficulties it faces,” argued Puigdemont. 


  • European flag (by EBS)

  • European flag (by EBS)