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Dismissed Catalan officials speak out against Spanish justice system after being released in Brussels

“Our thoughts are with our colleagues,” said Puigdemont on Twitter


06 November 2017 03:03 PM


ACN | Brussels

Carles Puigdemont and three members of his dismissed government have taken to Twitter, having been released without bail in Brussels, in order to condemn Spain’s legal proceedings.

“Released and without bail,” said the deposed Catalan president via his private Twitter account. “Our thoughts are with our colleagues unjustly imprisoned by a state whose behaviour is far from democratic.”

Comparisons were made between both Spain’s and Belgium’s justice systems, with the latter being the more favourable.

“In Belgium they release us without bail, while in Spain we would be in prison,” said Meritxell Serret, the former agriculture minister, who sought refuge in Brussels alongside Puigdemont and other members of the dissolved government.

  • "In Spain we would be in prison"

    Meritxell Serret · Dismissed agriculture minister

Accusations against 8 Catalan teachers for being pro-Catalan and anti-Spanish were also condemned by the deposed education minister Clara Ponsanti. “Freedom of expression is also education,” she said on the social media platform. “We do not tolerate the judicial harassment of teachers. We are not afraid.”

Toni Comin, the ousted Catalan health minister, also had his say in cyberspace. “Released without bail,” he wrote on Twitter. “We demand that our injustly imprisoned colleagues in Spain receive the same guarantees as us. Our thoughts are with them.”

Puigdemont and four members of his dismissed government voluntarily turned themselves in on Sunday, and appeared before a Belgian judge, after a European arrest warrant was issued by the Spanish prosecutor.

They were released on Sunday at midnight after the judge ruled it would not be necessary they remain in custody. They are not, however, allowed to leave Belgium without the judge’s consent. 


  • Carles Puigdemont appearing on Belgian TV station RTBF (by ACN)

  • Carles Puigdemont appearing on Belgian TV station RTBF (by ACN)