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Barcelona mayor confirms support for October 1 vote

Ada Colau vows to facilitate turnout for referendum while opposition reminds her of ‘legal responsibilities’


10 July 2017 07:08 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, on Monday said she was inclined to vote on October 1, despite her doubts about whether it will be an effective referendum. At an event in the Catalan capital, Colau pledged that Barcelona will “provide everything necessary” to enable people to take part, whether it turns out to be a mobilization in favor of the right to decide or an effective referendum. “As with all local authorities in the country, we are open to facilitating the participation of citizens.” However, the mayor also pointed out that for the moment the referendum has not been formally convoked by the Catalan government.

Yet, the head of the PPC local opposition party, Alberto Fernández Díaz, responded to the mayor’s statements by reminding her of her "legal responsibilities". In a statement, Fernández Díaz said: "Colau’s provisions turn her into an accessory to the committing of an offence, something that brings with it legal responsibilities."  

However, the mayor did not specify whether the Barcelona City Council will provide places for the vote to take place or whether it will give any instructions to Barcelona’s public servants. 

Colau also stressed that she had already proven her readiness to take part in other mobilizations, such as the 9-N non-binding vote. "I have participated in numerous mobilizations; nobody can doubt my willingness,” she said.

Colau vague on voting intentions

Yet, the mayor refused to say anything about her intention to vote at this stage, when the referendum has still not been officially called.  

Colau said that she understood “completely” that there are many people in favor of independence who are impatient with the obstinacy of the People’s Party,” but she pointed out that if there were people who had doubts, they had the right to express them in order to improve whatever it takes to get the referendum that Catalonia needs.”

In Colau’s opinion, it is completely understandable that her party, Catalunya en Comú, should express its doubts about whether the vote will really be the referendum envisioned or just a mass protest. She showed surprise that anyone could be disturbed by her party’s position at this point, since it is a “provisional opinion based on the available information.” It is also a position, she said, that gives full support to the October 1 vote.


  • Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau (by ACN)

  • Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau (by ACN)