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'Atrocity' and 'inhumane,' pro-referendum camp rejects verdict on Catalan leaders

Parties and organizations in favor of splitting from Spain call for people to respond "in the streets and at the ballot box"


14 October 2019 02:10 PM


ACN | Barcelona

An "atrocity," "vengeance" and "inhumane" were some of the reactions from Catalonia's pro-independence camp on hearing that the Supreme Court had sentenced nine leaders to between 9 and 13 years in prison for their role in the 2017 independence referendum.

One of the main pro-independence parties, Esquerra Republicana (ERC), called the sentences "an act of vengeance" and a "historical error." The party also called on people to protest peacefully "in the streets and at the ballot box" in the November 10 general election.

The other main pro-independence party, Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) called the sentences "an atrocity." Calling the Spanish justice system "inumane and anti-democratic," the party said the sentences "shows that the only possible path forward is independence."

Meanwhile, the far-left pro-independence party, CUP, said the sentences showed that in Spain "there is no room for anyone to challenge an unjust and repressive regime." CUP also called on people "to take to the streets for as many days as needed."

  • "There is no room for anyone to challenge an unjust and repressive regime"

    Mireia Vehí · CUP official

One of the largest pro-independence civil organizations, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), also called for protest, saying: "The time has come: let us respond on masse. Wherever you are, stop what you're doing, go onto the street, make yourself heard."

Jordi Cuixart, the leader of the Òmnium pro-independence civil organization, and one of the leaders convicted on Monday, called for a "tsunami of dignity" of "everyone together" in a "non-violent struggle," while the organization also called for mass protests.

As for the pro-independence group, Tsunami Democràtic, it also called for people to protest by blocking Barcelona airport and so "begin a cycle of non-violent civil disobedience." The group also urged people working "to leave their workplaces" and join the protests.

Despite her BCNComú party not calling for independence, Barcelona mayor, Ada Colau, said Monday was a "sad day for Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain," and she expressed support for the convicted leaders, saying the sentences represented a "political failure."

Over a hundred different organizations in Catalonia have called for a major rally to reject the independence trial verdict on October 26.