Secondary school students who are close contacts may not have to quarantine

Over 12s encouraged to get vaccinated against Covid-19 ahead of upcoming academic year

A classroom in Lleida (by Laura Cortés)
A classroom in Lleida (by Laura Cortés) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

August 25, 2021 04:21 PM

As the summer holidays come to an end and the pandemic remains ever-present, parents and students alike may be left wondering what the upcoming academic year, set to begin on September 13 across Catalonia, will look like.

And while the education department is yet to finalize protocols, which will be communicated to schools next week, a few things are already clear: classes will be held entirely in person, children over the age of six will have to wear face masks, and students will be divided into stable groups.

But one thing that could change, especially as more and more secondary school-age children are inoculated against Covid-19, are the quarantine requirements for close contacts.