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Web platform helps you find travel companions

The Catalan startup and web platform Nomadizers is soon to be an app


09 May 2018 08:02 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Traveling can be intoxicating, taking you to the four corners of the earth, providing varied and beautiful sights. Going it alone has its benefits, but sometimes, you just need someone to share that picturesque view with. And that is where the web platform Nomadizers comes in.

This startup was founded in Catalonia, in the central Catalan town of Manresa. It’s built to help you find traveling companions – either for a leg of your trip, or for the whole thing. It matches you based on destination, dates, and compatibility.

It all started when its founders wanted to take a trip – but were unable to, since their friends couldn’t sync their availability. That’s when they had an idea to solve a basic problem. As platform co-founder Javier Granado explained, “often, what happens is that we want to travel, but we don’t have anyone to do it with because we don’t match up, either with preferences or with vacation dates.”

To use Nomadizers, it’s simple. You create a profile, putting in the dates when you want to travel, and where to. Then you fill in basic information about how you like to travel. Founders want to put even more features on the website, and are turning it into an app – through a crowdfunding campaign.

In a year and a half, the platform has garnered success, with more than 30,000 users from over 85 countries. And those who used the platform didn’t just end their trip after they got home. Many stayed friends, some became roommates, and others even fell in love after sharing an adventure through Nomadizer.

It’s not all that surprising that these relationships come to be - easy even, said Nomadizer cofounder. After all, you’re sharing a passion – that of traveling. 


  • Javier Granado, cofounder of Nomadizers in front of his computer on May 8 2918 (by Gemma Aleman)

  • Javier Granado, cofounder of Nomadizers in front of his computer on May 8 2918 (by Gemma Aleman)