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Google incorporates Catalan language into its voice search system

The search engine giant adds thirteen languages to its speech recognition system, also including Basque and Galician. From this Friday, it will be possible to use the service on phones with the Android operating system to search in Catalan. With this addition, Google’s speech recognition software now supports 42 languages.


17 August 2012 08:55 PM


ACN / David Tuxworth

Barcelona (ACN).- Starting this Friday, it will be possible to search key words in Catalan using mobile phones with the Android operating system. The world\u2019s most popular search engine has incorporated 13 additional languages into this speech recognition system, including Basque and Galician. With these additions, the tool now supports 42 languages from 46 different states. In a press release, Google said that adding new languages ??to the system is not an easy task, because hundreds of thousands of voice samples from volunteers have to be collected for each language.

The company said that phones that have Android OS 2.2 or higher can use the system by clicking on the microphone icon on the Google application that appears on the home page. If you have a previous version of the operating system, the voice recognition application can be downloaded on Google Play. Google stresses that it is only possible to speak one language at a time and that it may be necessary to change the language settings to use the languages released in this update.


  • Google's frontpage in Catalan (by Google / ACN)

  • Google's frontpage in Catalan (by Google / ACN)