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FC Barcelona, chef Ferran Adrià and doctor Valentí Fuster united to promote healthy eating

The campaign “We Are What We Eat” has been presented. The project, promoted by the FC Barcelona Foundation, fosters healthy habits and Barça players participate in the ads. It will offer culinary workshops, educational debates and sports circuits in collaboration with the Fundació Alícia and the Fundació SHE.


23 September 2011 12:12 AM



Barcelona (FCB).- In order to promote such aspects as healthy eating and regular exercise, the FC Barcelona Foundation has unveiled an awareness campaign titled \u2018We are what we do, we are what we eat\u2019 in collaboration with the Fundació Alícia and the Fundació SHE, the Catalan Government and different city halls, including that of Barcelona. \u2018We are what we do, we are what we eat\u2019 seeks to raise awareness among young people of good habits, using the example of good diet and regular sport practised by members of the first team, young hopefuls at \u2018La Masia\u2019 and veteran players. The menus prepared for the club\u2019s sportspeople will be used as standards for healthy eating.

Two eminent figures in their fields, cardiologist Valentí Fuster and chef Ferran Adrià, were joined by the president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, who unveiled the campaign by saying \u201Cwe want the best so we want to learn from the best\u201D. They are the best at what they do, they are all Barça fans and they are all Catalans\u201D. He reckons that \u2018We are what we do, we are what we eat\u2019 is a slogan that speaks for itself.

Better habits

Both Valentí Fuster and Ferran Adrià agree that children are our future and should be taught to eat properly. Fuster said that children \u201Cneed physical exercise, food and to say no to tobacco and drugs\u201D. These three things he says, after many years of experience in New York, which will avoid most heart problems.

Ferran Adrià described Barça as the perfect tool for promoting this project, which seeks to teach \u201Can attitude to society in which diet plays a fundamental role.\u201D Rosell added that the club \u201Cwill offer all of its commitment and infrastructure to ensuring that this message reaches children\u201D.

Presentation at \u2018La Masia\u2019

The presentation was attended by Sandro Rosell, president of FC Barcelona; Ramon Pont, chief vice president of the FC Barcelona Foundation; the world-known chef Ferran Adrià, president of the Fundació Alícia\u2019s advisory committee; cardiologist Valentí Fuster, president of the Fundació SHE; Boi Ruiz, Catalan Health Minister and Maite Fandos, Barcelona\u2019s Deputy Mayor for Quality of Living, Equality and Sport.

Campaign all over Catalonia

The project is aimed at Catalan people in general, but especially youngsters. During Barcelona\u2019s Patron Saint festivities, La Mercè \u2013the most important street party of the year-, on September 24 and 25, from 11.00 to 19.00, there will be a number of activities in the Salvador Espriu Gardens (Gràcia Gardens) in Barcelona, with workshops explaining how to eat better and do sport. During the last quarter of the year there shall also be conferences in university centres held by nutrition, sport and medicine experts, and also sports activities on the club grounds. \u2018We are what we do, we are what we eat\u2019 will tour 50 towns and cities in Catalonia, where a festival will be held in each to distribute \u2018healthy eating packs\u2019 and provide information of physical activity and good diets.

Adverts featuring Piqué and Messi and website

\u2018We are what we do, we are what we eat\u2019 has two special figureheads in Gerard Piqué and Leo Messi, who have allowed the campaign to use their images and have recorded an ad in which they explain the importance of healthy eating and sport. The website at contains information about healthy habits and educational materials.

\u2018We are what we do...\u2019, four campaigns

\u2018We are what we do...\u2019 is a programme promoted by the FC Barcelona Foundation this season that shall consist of four awareness campaigns, including the one being presented today. The following editions will work on respect for differences in youth sport, solidarity with those most in need and the integration of disability in sport.


  • From left to right, Rosell, Ruiz, Fuster, Adrià, Fandos, Pont, and Vilarrubí (by M. Bélmez)

  • From left to right, Rosell, Ruiz, Fuster, Adrià, Fandos, Pont, and Vilarrubí (by M. Bélmez)