Catalan caviar finds its way to Russia

Caviar made in the Catalan Pyrenees, in the Val d’Aran County, is now reaching 11 countries. From this year, the Catalan caviar brand Nacarii is sold in Russia. The business started in 1999, in the Pyrenees mountains, near the French border.

CNA / Julia Reinecke

April 30, 2012 09:06 PM

Barcelona (CNA).– Caviar Nacarii, a caviar brand from the Catalan Pyrenees, produced in the Val d’Aran County (northwest of Catalonia), has reached a distribution agreement to enter the Russian market. Initially about 200 pounds of caviar are to be exported with the prospect of a growing demand throughout the year. The agreement has been made between the Russian market and the distributor ‘Packaging’, which specializes in the high quality food industry. Subsequently, there are now 11 countries where Caviar Nacarii can be bought. The business started in 1999, and over the past year Caviar Nacarii has produced about 750 kg of caviar and 7 tons of sturgeon meat.

The eleven countries where the Catalan made Caviar is being sold are Spain, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and Russia. Thanks to its exclusive production facility in the Val d'Aran, next to the river Garonne , sturgeons are raised in a natural and sustainable way which explains the high quality of the raw products used for this luxury good.