Traditional ceramics and modern performances in the Càntir Parade

Giant ceramic water jugs decorate the streets of the Catalan town of Argentona in an urban exhibition inspired by the internationally recognised ?cow parade.?


August 5, 2010 11:54 PM

This Wednesday, Argentona, in central Catalonia, celebrated the 60th edition of the traditional Water Jug Festival, a crucial event for ceramics lovers. Every year Catalans reproduce a different model of traditional water jug and hundreds of people from all over the country go to Argentona to buy it and add it to their collections. This year, the festival went the extra mile and organized a modern exhibition, inspired by the international “cow parade” initiative. Giant càntirs –or water jugs- decorated by local artists are exhibited in Argentona in an event that attracts the attention of many curious onlookers.
This week, Argentona also hosts the International Ceramics and Pottery Fair, one of the most important ceramics festivals in the state. With more than 80 exhibitors from countries such as Catalonia, Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Russia or Cuba –among others- the fair offers an interesting opportunity to discover the secrets of the ceramic world. The fair will be in Argentona until 8 June.

Up to 100,000 people visit the Water Jug Festival and the International Ceramics and Pottery Fair of Argentona annually, the most important events in the sector. The town of Argentona, with its strong ceramist tradition, has organised the events since the 50s. Apart from the fairs themselves, locals and visitors also engage in fun activities which date back to ancient times, but are only practiced during the fiesta. The most important event is the water jug lifting contest. Athletes from all over the country compete to demonstrate who can lift the heaviest, water-filled càntir. The jugs are as heavy as 200 kilos, and some of them are more than one meter high.