Catalan cinema: Language students in UK and Ireland discuss 'Sis dies corrents'

Gaudí Award-winning director Neus Ballús and producer Miriam Porté join students from 16 universities

Els protagonistes de 'Sis dies corrents' de Neus Ballús, l'1 de juliol del 2021. (Horitzontal)
Els protagonistes de 'Sis dies corrents' de Neus Ballús, l'1 de juliol del 2021. (Horitzontal) / Cedida a l'ACN per Filmax
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November 16, 2022 05:07 PM

November 16, 2022 07:08 PM

Catalan language students from 16 universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland will take part in a discussion on 'Sis dies corrents' (The Odd-Job Men), with the film's director Neus Ballús and producer Miriam Porté. 

The comedy, featuring a Moroccan plumber named Moha as the main character, was the big winner at the 2022 Gaudí Awards, picking up the gongs for Best Catalan Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and the Best Editing.  

The movie follows Moha's working life and how he copes with the eccentricities of clients and work colleagues alike. Moha has one week to show he can replace Pep, a worker due to retire, and show Valero he is the best candidate for the job, despite coming from a different background. 

The film screening and panel discussion on November 16 at 1600 UTC is part of the CineTalks series and takes place thanks to support from the Institut Ramon Llull

Around 300 students will watch the film, according to the University of Sheffield's Catalan Studies department. 

The event is open to members of the organizing universities – University of Liverpool, University of Bristol, The University of Sheffield – and to students' communities from Cardiff University, The University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University of Cambridge, Maynooth University, University of Oxford, Newcastle University, Durham University, The University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham, University College Cork, University of Glasgow and Queen Mary University of London. 

Last year, students watched 'Pa negre' (Black Bread), a highly acclaimed film set in post-Spanish Civil War rural Catalonia.  

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