The first two sections of the B-40 ringroad unveiled

The ringroad will eventually run between Barcelona, Granollers and Abrera via Terrassa

Alba Falcó Vila

June 30, 2010 04:18 AM

The first two sectors of the B-40 ringroad that connects Abrera with Olesa de Montserrat and Terrassa with Viladecavalls, were opened to traffic on Tuesday. The Minister of Public Works, José Blanco, reaffirmed the commitment of the Spanish government to implementing this route. The government has invested 168 million euros in the construction of these sections that have a total length of seven kilometres.
The B-40 will eventually be a large ringroad that runs between Barcelona, Granollers and Abrera, via Terrassa. It will lend continuity to the AP-7, which will allow for greater communications with the largest towns in the area. In addition, it will allow for traffic along the A-2, coming from the centre of the Peninsula and heading to the French border and back.

The section of the road that runs through the towns of Esparraguera and Abrera has a length of 2,1 kilometres and has three lanes each way. It has three links with the A-2 and the BV-1201. The main structure of this concrete and steel section is the Viaduct of Llobregat, 654 metres high and supported by 22 pillars. The cost of these works has been 81.8 million euros.

Blanco said that the road “is a key stretch for the territory” given that it allows for a connection with major highways such as the AP-7. “We will continue taking steps to complete its execution”, said the minister. He also pointed out that in the past six years the Spanish government has invested over 1,900 million euros in improving the road network of Catalonia and said that despite budget cuts, the government knows full where its priorities lie.

According to the President of the Catalan government, José Montilla, this road axis is important for “territorial cohesion” and the country’s development. He also said that this investment is “well done, environmentally respectful and of a very high quality”.

The mayor of Viladecavalls, Regina Parellada, said that although the Quart Cinturó is an important step, it is also necessary to develop transport platforms that pass through Viladecavalls and that it is also necessary to accelerate the construction of two roundabouts that link the road with the C-58 to relieve the district of Can Trias.