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Renfe to introduce new train tickets for long-distance and AVE routes

The new system plans to increase passenger numbers, with discounts of up to 75%


14 April 2021 05:33 PM


ACN | Barcelona

This summer Renfe will introduce a new ticketing system for their long-distance and AVE trains in an attempt to fill up their emptier services.

The new model will replace the traditional fares and classes, and offer better departure prices with more opportunities for discounts while simultaneously “making it easier for the customer to choose their ticket”, as Renfe put it in an announcement. 

While previously discounts had only been applied to the most expensive tickets, they will now extend to the cheapest too, with the company confirming that future price reductions will be as significant as 75%.

The new system will offer 3 types of tickets, one basic, one middle-range, and another premium. However, even the cheapest will allow the passenger to bring up to three bags and will include PlayRenfe entertainment, high-speed wifi and access to the on-board cafeteria service. 

More notable price cuts will be applied to the trains where there is often greater availability. GoldCard holders will also be guaranteed a 25% discount on the best price of each train.

Renfe will reform children's tickets too to encourage more families to travel, introducing a 40% price reduction on all tickets. For people who hold a ‘Young-person’s Card’, discounts will go up to 30%

Low-cost, high-speed AVLO service 

This summer, Renfe will additionally bring in a high-speed AVLO service, also known as the “low-cost AVE”, offering journeys between Barcelona and Madrid. These trips will have the same duration as the AVE, approximately two and a half hours, and are so cheap that trains must be at least at 80% capacity to be profitable.

Prices for these trains will start at €7 per trip, with only economy class available. Children under 14 will have a basic rate of €5, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. 

The carriages in operation will have around 20% more seats than AVE trains. The trains will also have WiFi connectivity available and will use electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.

Ouigo train service

The French rail company, Ouigo, will offer trips from Barcelona to Madrid for as low as €9 once the Spanish state of alarm ends on May 10. 

The new high-speed company will have ten daily departures connecting Barcelona and Madrid in a mere 2 hours and 30 minutes, stopping only at Tarragona and Zaragoza and carrying 509 passengers. 

Children under the age of 3 can travel for free and children between the ages of 4 and 13 can go for €5 per ticket.


  • A train station operated by Renfe in Martorell (by Jordi Bataller)

  • A train station operated by Renfe in Martorell (by Jordi Bataller)