Lawyers from all over the world flock to Barcelona this week

Barcelona is hosting lawyers and legal experts from all over the world this week for the international legal trade fair and the Euro Mediterranean's annual conference for lawyers.

CNA / Pol Solà

February 4, 2011 10:26 PM

Barcelona (ACN) .- Barcelona became the international capital for lawyers this week as it hosted not only the Euro-Mediterranean conference for lawyers but also an international legal trade fair. Lawyers from more than 400 offices from all over the world and places as far as Brazil, the U.S. and Australia were in the Catalan capital this Thursday and Friday to exchange ideas and get connected. This year organisers used modern ways to get participating lawyers connected -text messaging and a type of speed dating. The organisers, Barcelona’s Bar (Col·legi d’Advocats de Barcelona), expected representatives from about 250 offices to attend but now they are overwhelmed with the success of the event. Organisers used an informal speed dating type style with sofas and coffee tables where participants had to spend 5 minutes talking to a lawyer before moving on. Lawyers could also sit under posters that referred to their specialty or send text message that were broadcast on big screens in order to find contacts.

The dean of the Barcelona’s Association of Lawyers (ICAB, Barcelona’s Bar Association) Pedro Yúfera was satisfied with the success of the fair. He said he hoped that it would go global and cease to concentrate just on Europe and the Mediterranean. French lawyer Stephan Verrucas said that lawyers are similar to entrepreneurs and that these types of fairs are very useful. He has made new contacts now with lawyers in Eastern Europe, Italy and the UK.

This week's event attempted to internationalise law firms and it was the first ever international exhibition for Lawyers in Barcelona. Over 200 lawyers are foreigners hailing from places like France, Italy, Britain, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Morocco. The dean of the College of Lawyers of Barcelona Pedro Yúfera attended the opening ceremony and stressed that “all the tools that lawyers need should be available to them in order to better tackle the crisis”.

Apart from the international exhibition, there are lectures taking place on the criminal liability of companies and family law. Tributes will be given out to experienced attorneys who have been in the profession for between 25 and 50 years. In the evening, there will be entertainment provided like debating competitions, film forums, concerts, exhibitions, childrens' activities and a soccer tournament. The week will reach its climax on Friday night with a traditional gala dinner held at the international convention centre in Barcelona, the Forum.