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Government unveils 'Brexit plan' to help Catalan companies

'Finestreta Brexit' offers range of measures, services and tools to help minimize possible impact on firms doing business with UK


25 March 2019 05:33 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The government has activated an action plan to minimize the effects of Brexit on Catalan companies that do business with the United Kingdom.

Presented by external action minister Alfred Bosch and business minister Àngels Chacón, the plan aims to "sensitize firms and prepare contingency plans."

Titled 'Finestreta Brexit' (Brexit Window), the plan includes measures such as providing advice for finding alternative partners or sources of business, should it be necessary.

The plan also foresees providing support to help companies diversify into other markets, as well as holding training and advisory events all over Catalonia.

According to Bosch, given the "uncertainty" surrounding the UK's impending abandonment of the EU, the government has to be prepared for unforeseen eventualities.

3,374 Catalan firms export to UK

Chacón pointed out that there are currently 3,374 Catalan companies that export to the UK, which is Catalonia's fifth-largest trade partner, accounting for 3.9 billion euros a year.

Meanwhile, imports into Catalonia from the UK were worth 2.8 billion euros in 2018, an 11.7% increase compared with the previous year.

Some 461 Catalan companies have a subsidiary located in the UK, with most sales to the country in vehicles, electrical devices and material, plastics, and manufactured goods.

ACCIÓ at service of companies

The minister also stressed the need for companies "to begin getting informed" about the changes Brexit might bring, and offered firms the services of the ACCIÓ business agency.  

The government also warned that the UK's leaving the EU could bring changes to such areas as customs, authorizations, regulations, as well as to the legal and financial spheres.

Brexit could also have an impact on logistics, especially on land transport and its costs, and could require new strategies and business models.


  • The 'Brexit plan' meeting to help minimize the effects of Brexit on Catalan companies (Photo: Mariona Puig)

  • The 'Brexit plan' meeting to help minimize the effects of Brexit on Catalan companies (Photo: Mariona Puig)