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Exports grow while commercial deficit rises

In Catalonia, there has been an annual growth in exports of 19.12% while the commercial deficit also rose by 39.22%.


18 August 2010 10:52 PM



Barcelona (ACN).- The commercial deficit in Catalonia was recorded at 1,975.6 million euros in the month of June, an amount that represents an annual rise of 39.22%. This rise is marked by a strong increase in the energy deficit, which was recorded at 82.75% in the same month of 2009. The rest of the commercial deficit grew by just 17.97%. Catalan exports have grown for six consecutive months according to data from the Secretary of State Commerce. In particular, the month of June saw an increase of 19.12% with 4,183.08 million euros, a figure which represents 25.82% of the state-wide exports. Meanwhile, imports reached 6,185.85 million euros, a 24.91% increase.

The sixth month of 2010 brought a rise in exports in all economic sectors compared to June of last year. However, the principal sectors were those of chemical products, intermediate goods, and the automobile industry, which represented 26.23%, 18.45% and 14.59% of Catalan exterior sales.

The plastic products and essential oils sectors led exports in the chemical sector, growing an annual 24.48%. In one year, exports from the immediate goods sector grew 13.68%. The sale of automobiles outside of Catalonia rose by 7.92%, while the automobile parts sector saw an 18.18% rise. The entire automobile industry saw an annual increase of 11.02%.

On the imports side, there have been increases in energy products (67.83%), chemical products (22.58%), durable goods (79.39%) and other goods (109.26%). Automobile sales have grown by 26.29%, while automobile parts sales have dropped by 11.37%.

Rise in sales outside of the EU

Exports to EU countries contributed to 65.89% of the total amount, with a 13.18% rise compared with June of last year. The highest increment was recorded in sales outside of the EU, showing 34.11% of the total exports and a 32.57% annual rise.

Germany\u2019s economic recovery has brought a 30.85% increase in the country\u2019s sales. Among countries outside the Eurozone, Poland, Sweden, and Latvia have all seen significant growth. Outside of Europe, sales have improved in Latin America, mainly in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Cuba.

Sales within the EU have risen by 15.84% in the month of June and in Eurozone, 10.20%. Imports from non EU countries have also risen by 39.49%.

Semester totals

In the first half of the year, Catalan exports rose by 16.83% compared with the same period of 2009. The increase in imports was less, at 14.55%. The commercial deficit in Catalonia rose at the end of June to 9,650.93 million euros, 9.41% more than the last financial year.


  • A partial view of Barcelona's harbour from Montjuic

  • A partial view of Barcelona's harbour from Montjuic

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