Barcelona Airport allows cruise passengers to check-in from the airport terminal

Passengers that catch a cruise after arriving in Barcelona by plane can check-in at the airport until November 6th. At the same time, travellers who arrive by cruise and then catch a flight can check-in at the harbour terminal. More than 47,000 passengers used these services last year.

CNA / Pau Bartrolí

May 31, 2012 10:29 PM

Barcelona (ACN).- Barcelona El Prat airport has opened check-in operations again for cruise passengers over the next six months. The action is aimed both at passengers that catch a flight after arriving in Barcelona on a cruise ship well as those who come to the Catalan capital by plane and then travel by boat. The airport has fitted out an exclusive area for cruise passengers. More than 47,000 travellers used these services last year.

Barcelona airport has three specific procedures for users:

1) Passengers that arrive by boat and then fly by American Airlines, Air France, British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa. This group can check-in in the airport’s fitted area.

2) Travellers that arrive in Barcelona by plane and then catch a Royal Caribbean cruise. They can check-in in the airport and access directly to the boat without doing any further procedures. 

3) The Delta Company option aimed at passengers who arrive by cruise and then they take this airline at Barcelona Airport. In this case, users can check in at the port.

Last year 47,300 travellers checked-in at the airport while 11,000 did so at the harbour. This year, similar figures are expected.