14% rise in the creation of new Catalan companies

In June, up to 1,264 new businesses were started in Catalonia, according to official figures published by the Spanish Institute of Statistics


August 12, 2010 12:11 AM

Up to 1,264 new companies were created in Catalonia in June, official figures state. The data indicates an increase of 14% in comparison with the same month last year, when 1,111 new companies were launched.

However, the number of companies which have closed their operations has also risen. Specifically, 175 companies went out of business this month, an increase of 2.3% compared with 2009. Business closure is, however, taking place at a slower rate than that at which companies are being created.

Overall, Catalonia accounts for 18% of all new companies created in the Spanish state in the last month. In Spain in June, 7,140 new companies were created overall, an increase of 2.3%. This said, the number of companies closed also rose by a 4.6% in Spain as a whole.

After Madrid, Catalonia is the region in the state with the most new companies. One thousand four hundred and sixty seven companies were created in June, a somewhat optimistic sign of recovery.