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Mas letter an “exotic” move with “zero international influence”, say unionists

January 3, 2014 04:47 PM | ACN

The political parties against the referendum on independence have criticised the Catalan Government’s decision to send a letter explaining the country’s political process to the 28 EU leaders and to the President of the European Commission. The Catalan socialists (PSC) think that abroad, the move will be seen as “exotic” and also shows “a complete lack of understanding of international relations”. For the Conservatives of the PP, the letter is “internal propaganda” only aimed at independence supporters and will have “zero international influence”. The spokesperson of Ciutadans (C’s) said the document was like a joke from “April Fool’s Day”. CiU, Mas’ party, regretted that the PSC, the PPC and C’s reacted with “insults and contempt” to each and every one of the Catalan President’s moves.