On campaign day 6, parties urge not wasting votes

As the election draws closer, main parties call for tactical vote to prevent other block from winning

The main candidate for the Socialists, Miquel Iceta, at a rally campaign (by Maria Belmez)
The main candidate for the Socialists, Miquel Iceta, at a rally campaign (by Maria Belmez) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

December 10, 2017 07:42 PM

The main political parties running in the December 21 election in Catalonia asked for a tactical vote on the sixth day of campaign. They present themselves as the safest option to prevent the other block from winning the upcoming election.

ERC: the only party that can stop C’s

The president of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell, took part for the first time in the campaign. Forcadell, who’s the number four candidate for Esquerra Republicana (ERC), spoke at a campaign rally and said that Junquera’s party is the only option that can prevent Ciutadans from winning the election.

Forcadell stressed that ERC represents “future, honesty, transparency, and fight against corruption.” In addition, she stated that ERC is the only party that can stop “those who backed the enforcement of Article 155” of the Spanish constitution. “Voting ERC is the only useful vote to stop Ciutadans,” she said.  

Together for Catalonia: Article 155, "a mere child's play" if unionists win

The main candidate for Together for Catalonia (JxCat), Carles Puigdemont, warned that if the unionist block wins the upcoming election, Spain’s takeover of Catalonia’s self-rule will be harder than ever. “Article 155 will be a mere child’s play,” said Puigdemont.

Connected via videoconference, Puigdemont, deposed by the Spanish government after the enforcement of Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, accused the main candidate for the Catalan socialists, Miquel Iceta, of “hiding” the consequences of the enforcement of Article 155.    

Ciutadans: winning is not a utopia

Despite the latest polls say that Ciutadans will vie for victory in 21 December election, Ciutadans continues to ask people to mobilize and vote in the upcoming elections. At a rally campaign in Tarragona, in southern Catalonia, the main candidate for Ciutadans, Inés Arrimadas, said that “change is possible” and that “winning nationalism isn’t a utopia”.

The president of Ciutadans, Albert Rivera, also attended the rally campaign in Tarragona. He asked for tactical vote and accused the Socialists of being “conformist”